Extend provides simple way of defining security configuration. Bean called SpringAuthConfiguration hooks to system configuration ( and allows login modules to be specified under login contexts.

At the moment there is only one login module implementation supplied: KeyStoreLoginModule and KeyStoreModuleService service to be used to configure KeyStoreLoginModule.

Service KeyStoreModuleService has the following attributes:

  • loginContext - login context name
  • configuration - configuration bean (usually just reference to "")
  • keyStore - name of resource of key store
  • keyStorePassword - password of given keystore
  • keyStoreType - type of key store (optional)
  • keyStoreProvider - key store provider (optional)
  • controlFlag - control flag - one of "required", "requisite", "sufficient" or "optional". Defaulted to "required".

For example of a login module definition see bean-console's web-application.xml.