Danube is a simple HTTP server that can operate without having to conform to the J2EE standard.


6th February, 2009

Version 0.4.5 is released!

This release brings couple of tidy-up changes like, for instance moving Adaptable interface into separate Maven project. Also, some bugs are fixed in handling HTTP calls (subsequent requests over the same socket for HTTP/1.1) and some bugs in bean-console.

14th November, 2007

Version 0.4 is released!

There has been major refactoring done on this release. Another significant change is for project to be re-organised and build as Maven project. Aside of it it brings some bug fixes and minor enhancements.


Documentation for Danube can be found here.

API documentation can be found here.


Binary distribution can be found here.

Source can be browsed here.


Every kind of help is more then welcome - from coding, designing to testing (using it) or commenting on it.